Magically create and present stunning slide decks from your Figma designs.

Want to turn your designs into a presentable slide deck, or export them to PPTX or PDF? Pitchdeck is for you.

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Screenshot of Pitchdeck slides from Figma

Generic templates not included*
(We know you’re a designer).

Design and animate your slide decks in Figma however you want, and the Pitchdeck plugin will take care of the rest.
*You won't find any rigid templates (that have nothing to do with your unique brand) here.

Creating collaborative presentations
has never been so easy (and cool).

Everything you need for a great presentation — from animations and to GIFs/videos, to slide notes and lasers, to exporting for PowerPoint/Keynote/Google Slides/PDF.

Amazing presentations,
directly from Figma.

Pitchdeck helps your team create collaborative presentations directly in Figma — the design tool you already use and love.

1,000x your design workflows.
Try Pitchdeck for Figma, today.

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Pitchdeck FAQ

Please check out the Pitchdeck Docs for more answers.

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