Easily export, import, localize and update text in Figma.

Do you need to easily export, import, localize and update text in your Figma designs? This Figma plugin is for you.

Hypermatic Character

Turn Figma into the ultimate
design tool for copywriters.

Work on UX copy outside Figma in CSV/JSON or XLIFF, then import content back to Figma. It’s so easy, a cat can use it.

Say hello goodbye to manually
copy/pasting text, forever.

Seamlessly import/export text via CSV, JSON or XLIFF, spell check, find and replace, download Figma comments, and export your frames to DOCX, XLSX, EPUB or PDF files.

Export your Figma designs
to popular document formats.

Export your Figma frames to Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), E-Book (.epub), Plain Text (.txt) or PDF files.

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